5 thoughts on “Should we see our left or right hand when we are doing palmistry test?

  1. I seem to recall that your dominant hand (the one you use to write with) tells you of your present situation, and your non-dominant hand tells you of your possibilities if you make changes in your life.

  2. You use your dominate hand. If you are right handed, it’s your right. If you are left handed, it’s your left.

  3. It is different for boys and girls.If you are a girl then it should be left hand and if you are a boy then it is just vice versa.

  4. Hello again Angeline,

    I already mentiond in my answer to your other question that while hand readers used to follow all sorts of theories about the differences between the right- and left hand; in modern hand reading both hands are usually considered in all related matters.

    The source below presents a link to the homepage of the ‘Modern Hand Reading Forum’, feel free to join… and ask more questions. You might even want to share a photo/print of your hands!

    Greetings, Martijn.

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