5 thoughts on “Why dowsing (water witch) works for some and not for others?

  1. My personal opinion? It has more to do with the state of mind during the attempt and/or the state of the person’s subtle energy system than anything else.

    While i agree that there is no such thing as a “natural born witch,” I will say that some people are inherently more “psychically gifted” than others… in much the same way as some people are innately good at math while others struggle with it.

  2. Some people try too hard, or want the wand to move entirely by itself.
    The wand does not move by itself at all, it is just something that your subconscious can use to communicate with you. This doesn’t work when you won’t relax enough to let it happen, or when your subconscious has issues with you.

  3. I started Dowsing with rods several years ago, although there was a brief introduction to it when i was a child also. I attended a ‘dowsing’ group here in a nearby town group once that was really just a bunch of retired people, the teacher was very interesting, they also used pendulums with Maps and such like, i have never got along with Pendulum dowsing at all. I have used two rods (these can be made from a coat hanger in fact) but have found nice wooden forked sticks lying around here as well that might be useful. I laid down the rods a year or two ago..but may pick them up again. I think though that as another poster said i think, attitude and mindset might be relevant to it..there is a lot of interesting info in fact online about this, why not google it? I think that also it is good to be very specific about what you are doing and why, what you are seeking, if you see what i mean. i am not an expert though, dowsing has worked well for me. ( of to find a forked stick now 😉 )

  4. I use 2 1/8 inch dia. welding rods bent at right angles, these sit in my hands and will move freely. It is important to ‘tell’ the rods what you are looking for. I used the technique to accurately plot my hidden sewer pipes pipes across a field, to find my septic tank!
    I think it will work for most people, although I don’t have so much success with the forked hazel twig, I think maybe the tendency is to hold the stick too tightly.
    My grandson can do it, as can my 2 nieces, I so far haven’t found anyone who can’t do the basics.

  5. Nobody really knows how it works, given that this is true – there is no way to know. Except to say this is often true with spiritual type things. Some people are more tuned in than others.

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