does anyone know about coneection between Ariel and Mary Magdaline?

Her father and the sea witch even conspire to prevent her from being joined with her beloved. Her voice is stolen and she is unable to speak her truth. In a similar way, Magdalene’s voice was “stolen” when she was called prostitute (without any scriptural justification whatsoever!).

In her cave under the ocean, Ariel collects artifacts from Spanish galleons shipwrecked at sea. She examines the commonplace items used by humans and wonders what they are for and what it would be like to be human. Among her treasures is a painting by Georges de la Tour called “Magdalen with the Smoking Flame.” Mary is gazing at a candle burning on the table beside her. In the film, Ariel tries to pluck the flame out of the picture.

2 thoughts on “does anyone know about coneection between Ariel and Mary Magdaline?

  1. not really a question, but while were on the subject of Disney ripping off stories, The Lion King is just like Hamlet…brother conspires to kill the king, son is powerless to do anything, dead father visits in ghost form, son’s friends push him down a certain path, son abadons old way of life to embrace his responsibilities…of course Disney has to have its happy ending

  2. Marvelous! And all about magic, of course. In love with a magical man (prince). Understand that one of the implications of the whole Magdalene as Mrs. Jesus story is so important is that there really is a great deal about the Holy Grail at the core of much of modern western esoteric tradition. If in fact this was a veiled reference to Magdalene, then we need to go back and look at all those symbols again, don’t we?

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