3 thoughts on “Herbal Medicine to take for conception?

  1. Herbs arent really meant to help in conception specifically, but some can help make a good environment for conception and pregnancy.

    Red Raspberry leaf tea is ideal at any time before, during or after pregnancy. Despite what others are mislead to believe, it does not induce labor, its safe at any stage of pregnancy. What it does do, however, is strengthen your uterine wall, help regulate your hormones and aids in the absorbtion of calcium into the bones!! Its really a great thing to do for your body.

    Other than that, the best thing that alternative medicine can offer you is a proper diet and accupuncture.

  2. Evening primrose oil.
    Gets your juices going and gives the swimmers something to swim in. Only take it from your period till ovulation as it can cause mild contractions which won’t be good if you conceive.

    I’m sure it helped hubby and I get pregnant this time.

  3. I just went to a health/vitamin store about this. They suggest taking the “good oils” and because I was on birth control for so long, I am now on something called Estrosense from Sangsters. Not sure if it has helped yet, we will see in a week or two.

    Go and ask them in your nearest vitamin/health food store.

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