Wicker Man – Willow’s Song

The music is an interpretation from the Wicker Man movie from the early 70’s. The clips are mine. I hope you enjjoy it.

25 thoughts on “Wicker Man – Willow’s Song

  1. You`ve got to give some kudos to Sneaker Pimps, their cover was still as fantastic as this. I love both versions, I would say this song is probably in my top 5 songs of all time, simply beautiful!

  2. I prefer this version to the OST version.
    It actually inspired me to do a cover. It’s on my page, it’s a noise version with my vocals. The album this version is on is great in its entirety.

  3. This version of Willow’s Song was performed by Nature and Organistion, from the album ‘Beauty Reaps the Blood of Solitude.’

    Members: Michael Cashmore (who basically is NAO) Death in June, Current 93, Rose McDowall,

  4. Beautiful song, and very well-done video….but I agree, I miss the hand drum too. (Being a drummer and all…..) Thanks!

  5. I listen to this song everyday..it takes me to a spiritual place… where i can feel at peace …BJ

  6. Thank you for sharing this video. The song she sings is so beautiful, and I love the geese and deer. Very spiritual.

  7. Really nice version,sympathetic to the original and more melodic singing than the original.
    Still love the original though and the hand drum keeps it grounded:)

  8. I found the movie on VHS in 1998 and it hadn’t been rented in years. The world had forgotten it until it was brought back on DVD.

    It was in the horror section, but I wasn’t sure if it really belonged in that category. The music alone made it a special experience.
    There was a book with a similar plot that came out around the same time. I’m told they’re using it to make a sequel to this movie.

  9. This Version of the Song is sung by Rose McDowall (of the 80s combo Strawberry Switchblade) and appears on an album of michael cashmores project ‘nature and organisation’.

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