Is it possible for a fundamentally depressed person to ever become a happy person?

I feel like I’ve tried everything: artistic expression, therapy, street drugs, prescribed drugs, exercise, love, much flirting and sex partners, then marriage, world travel, volunteer work, altruistic career, quitting jobs, moving, meditation, yoga. No matter what, I am constantly and deeply sad. Is joy an impossible quest?

17 thoughts on “Is it possible for a fundamentally depressed person to ever become a happy person?

  1. hahaha, well, think back. has there ever been a time in your life when you were happy? i honestly think you’re making it alot more…eh.. complicated than happiness is hehe. although you’ve certainly tried alot of things, look for comedians. see if you can find one who makes u laugh uncontrollably. Does helping others make you happy? making money? making others laugh? who knows. you’re best bet is to relax, don’t look for happiness, it will find you.

  2. I’d say yes! I was diagnosed with depression about 4 years back. I tried Zoloft and it was ok, but it felt like I was trying to put a band-aid on a bullet wound. So I started doing research and I found that depression is usually the result (not always but usually) of another mental illness. I consulted my doctor and it turns out I had generalized anxiety disorder…I was basically agoraphobic by the time I started to treat myself. Well, I treated the anxiety and voila, depression disappeared and not by making myself happy or trying to find god or whatever. It just went away. Sounds super cheezy, but I used Lucinda Bassett’s depression and anxiety program…worked like a charm and I was REALLY REALLY bad off. Hope that helps or makes sense at least.

  3. get to know your life partner better in a deeply innate manner without seeking any immediate reward. that may necessarily make you a bit feeling secure now that you know what you did was pretty right.

  4. it depends on your own definition of “happiness”. What’s happiness to you? Happiness comes from the inside and not from the outside. Happiness is enhanced by the tools that life may offer such as what you mentioned there but just like money they do not necessarily provide happiness you need. Maybe you should look within yourself and find out what is happiness for you and don’t look for it , it’s already there in you…

  5. Have you tried thought? Thinking about what it is you’re depressed about? And if so have you tried to change it. Only a fool would assume that their sadness stems from nothing. There is a cause to everything, it just matters whether or not we want to see it.

  6. Being happy is in the attitude.

    All the activities are meant to realize the interests / meanings of them as related to that persona. Without the meanings, the person would have no connection to them as they become activities to waste time.

    Also remember, one must want to change bad enough in order to put the effort into making changes — especially for the self.

    Hope this helps.

  7. The issue then becomes that some people become mentally addicted to being depressed and it is then a comfort zone. Hard to believe, but true. The opposite is true for people who annoy others with their optimism. It is all a state of mind. Nothing but you will make you happy.

  8. Sure, but it won’t just happen by itself like tomorrow’s sunrise. It’s more like a person who has a fundamentally filled with junk garage. Can it ever be cleaned? Sure but it won’t happen by itself.

  9. Joy is not at all impossible. It’s possible you have a chemical imbalance, and you should have a doctor check that out. It’s also possible you’re not using your power of intent. If you strip down naked and check in a mirror, you’ll find you don’t have an “unhappy” button anywhere on your body. There’s no place on you that somebody can push and you’re automatically unhappy whether you like it or not. If you are unhappy, it’s because that’s how you choose to react to life (in this case, not choosing is a choice). Life is continually presenting you with a variety of excuses to be both happy and sad. Which you actually feel is entirely up to you. I know this to be true because I was “fundamentally depressed” at one time. Now I’m happy nearly all the time and when people ask me why, I give them the best reason of all. No reason! I just like to be happy.

  10. I understand, I am kind of like that, try music, I like to be quite,music really helps, try Rekie, if I listen to flute, table some kind of instrumental soft music helps me to relax.
    and also yo can try long walks, have a pet.
    you can try visiting orpanages once a week atleast, try looking at people who are in worst situation than you are, consider how lucky you are………… for eg Iraq afghanisthan, some places in Africa.
    find out the reason for why are you so unhappy?
    hope this helps.
    And also devote some time to pray…………………….

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