My Wiccan Altar

** Again the altar has changed and always will, but I think it’s nice to show you all the changes it goes through to give you ideas, and insight or inspiration 🙂 That’s what I get when I see your altars! I turned the lights off and lit the candles so it is a bit dark but hopefully you can see. And sorry for the dodgy camera work ^^ x

25 thoughts on “My Wiccan Altar

  1. @AleinaTheBitten Hmmm… I think a more recent one would be on my video daily devotion rite?

  2. @Pagyptsian I would really like an update. ^^ I like seeing other people’s altars, it’s such a beautiful thing.

  3. I’m already studying it =] I don’t think it would work to reconstruct their old rituals, for me, but I still practice according to thir mythology and such.

  4. @Pagyptsian Well if you’re interested in Kemetic Wicca (egyptian tradition of witchcraft) then let me know. That’s one tradition I’ve studied. ^.^

  5. wow, I’d love to have the time to research them all. One day I will. Currently my fascination lies in Egypt ^^

  6. @Pagyptsian Indeed, and in doing so you can make so many diverse friends. I’ve studied most of the Wiccan Traditions, as well as some other religions in the pagan and judeo-christian paths, in addition to native american traditions…some of which are no longer practiced.

  7. I find that is the best path to true knowledge, as if you confine yourself to one set way, you miss out on so much!

  8. @Pagyptsian No, I don’t follow the Norse Tradition. Since I educate people who are newly converted on pagan pathways, I like to study as much about other traditions as I possibly can. This ranges from all Pagan traditions as well as Judeo-Christian religions. I network with all sorts of people from all walks of life, and knowing about their beliefs helps me to better understand them (and not step on toes in the process, haha.)

  9. “Ásatrú: The Nordic Way, frequently regarded as a Neopagan religion. It is a historically accurate religion, worshipping 3 races of deities: Aesir, gods representing kingship, order and Craft, Vanir, gods representing fertility of earth and forces of nature, and Jo’tnar, giants at war with the Aesir, representing chaos and destruction.” That’s a summary, not the whole thing. I have more information if you’d like, you can email me…or just google it. Brightest blessings!

  10. Brilliant altar! Thanks for sharing….. I have a room devoted (non-Wiccan)………Took me years to get it together though.

    Be well!

  11. =] Thankyou very much! I agree that things that you create have a special energy to them, rather than factory made things.

  12. You have such a pretty alter! I think it’s great that you have made a lot of the stuff. I feel that when you make things it makes the energy of them much greater. I’m currently learning how to make my own candles. But again, lovely alter! I’m new to wicca and have yet to make one currently but yours is a great reference! Thanks for sharing such a special space.

    Blessed be,

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