What would be an appropriate symbol of the Greek Goddess Athena?

Athena is a goddess of wisdom, correct? But what is the right symbol for her? Zeus has his lightening bolt and Hermes has his flying shoes. I have a project with Athena, and I was wondering if anyone out there might knew.

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  1. Usually either an Owl or a helmet the item is used depending on which aspect Owl for wisdom and helmet for warrior.

  2. As most people have written already, its the Owl,and the Helmet all as one. The Owl remembers and records events in History while the Helmet represent protection for the the good of Mankind and Nature.

  3. Athena’s animal is the owl because it represents wisdom. She is also depicted wearing a helmet, an aegis, and a spear so those might also be representative of her.

  4. An owl is considered sacred to her so owl would be the answer. Also the shield known as “Aegis” had been used to identify her and had been used many times as a design for a coat of arms.

  5. Hey, Liz..
    I ‘m joking here..’cuz I know she’s the wisdom and protection Goddess..but I think a Tampon would be appropriate…………..use one and your wise..light the fuse on one and no one comes near…good luck on your search!!

  6. A lot of things are associated with Athena.
    Her animal is the owl, since owls are thought to be very wise creatures.

    Her plant or tree is the olive since she gave the olive tree to the Greeks as a contest between her and Poseidon as to who would be Greece’s patron.

    You can also put the Aegis as a symbol since she is the bearer of the Aegis. The Aegis is a shield which has the head of Medusa so anyone who stares at it turns into stone.

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