have u heard of chinese herbal medicine ”winter worm summer grass”? is it good for ”men”?

good for men, know what i mean?
and why is it a worm in winter,and summer it’s a grass? how weird is that? have u eaten one? does it work? i heard it’s from Tibet?
sorry this computer i can’t type chinese.
if u have any information regarding this herbal medicine(both animal and plant),pls let me know. thanks.

2 thoughts on “have u heard of chinese herbal medicine ”winter worm summer grass”? is it good for ”men”?

  1. Here is web page to some links about 冬虫夏草

    According to following Yahoo answer, depending on what herbs and food you cook it with, it has different healing effects. Look at no. 1 that says it helps with low sperm count or deformed sperms.


  2. This one stumped me before I searched for it.

    Its called winter worm summer grass because that it is a fungus that lives on caterpillars in Tibet, in the winter the worm is healthy in Summer the fungus (the disease) has commonly killed the worm off and uses it as nutrients for it. Hence Winter worm, summer grass.

    On retrospect I did hear about this but not under this name, it got popular do to Chinese runners saying that they took it to increase their ability.

    More than be found at

    With some ugly pictures of the mushroom coming out of the worms head…


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