palmistry: islands and stars on the fate line?

I have an island at the beginning of my fate line, followed by a large star and then another island. That island ends right before my head line, my fate line forks after that and goes a little way past my heart line.

Sorry I couldn’t include a picture but hopefully you get an idea. Can anyone tell me what islands (which I know are bad) and a star means on your fate line? I’m kinda scared 🙁

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  1. Hello Mean Tambourine,

    Maybe you can ease your mind a little bit my joining a palmistry forum: see the first source below.

    (In general people often think that they have stars and other signs in their hand … while often this is not true at all – by the way, according the International Institute of Hand Analysis ‘stars’ do not always have a negative meaning for they describe stars as ‘gift markers’: see the second source below)

    Greetings from The Netherlands,


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