The little finger in palmistry?

I’ve read on many palmistry sites that a short little (or pinky) finger indicates emotional immaturity. Is this always true? I think I have a shorter than average pinky finger. I have anxiety issues but I don’t throw temper tantrums. Can anyone enlighten me on this subject? I don’t know if I should believe it or not.

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  1. Hi, I’ve never heard of that before but I have heard of the big toe belief, where the toe next to it is longer= intelligence. I don’t think I’d invest too much in this, only because there are people out there with disfigurements and this would just… not apply.

  2. LOL. I just read about it. Today.
    I realized that i had a very short pinky finger. Having a short pinky finger means that maturity can’t be seen easily. Lol. like havin those moments when. I dont wana grow up or Im not gettin married kind of thing.

    Here’s what the book says:
    If the little finger is short and stubby-looking, you may not have the tact or the eleoquence to win over others and may be shy in public situations, fearing that your intelligence may be judged.

  3. Hello Mary S,

    Regarding your question: “Is this always true?”, the answer should be a simple: ‘no’!

    Actually, scientific research indicates that abnormalities in the little finger can have various causes – the first source below presents an overview of some very interesting ‘scientific facts’ about the little finger!

    A short pinky is also recognized as a common feature in Down’s syndrome (trisomie 21). In normal people A SHORT PINKY may be recognized as an indicator for certain fears and anxieties. But this should be recognized as the ‘complementary’ aspect of the fact that A LONG RING FINGER (low 2d:4d ratio) has been found in people who show agressive or overly assertive behaviour – see the 2 source below.

    Though these findings indicate that what you read may be true for ONLY CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS who have a short pinky, one should also realize that scientists have noticed that these ‘insight’ are not very reliable for individuals!

    I hope this ‘complex’ answer will be helpful for you!

    Best wishes from The Netherlands,


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