What is the best class combination for Runes of magic?

I like the Rouge class but im undecided weather i should have it as my primary or secondary. I also like Scout’s, Mage’s, and Druid’s out of those what would you recommend as the best combination with a Rouge? Thanks for the help.

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  1. If you’re looking to do solo quests (not group quests, or at least equal level group quests) K/R or W/R would be fastest among K/W, K/R, W/K, W/R, and K/M, soloing bosses K/P has no equal, but kills very slow and questing (kill 50 boars) can be a drag.. K/R is probably the best tank among Knights because of dual wielding, shields are not 100% necessary and they hold aggro best with dual wielding and while soloing will never run out of mana.
    So, I would go with Knight/Rouge.
    More detailed description on other combos,

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