13 thoughts on “How accurate an astrology chart can be towards the person?

  1. astrology has zero predictive value. its accuracy is no better than random chance.

    it is not scince. it is mystical nonsense.

  2. Astronomers can tell or predict the exact positions of the planets, but Astrologers are basically guessing about what it means.

  3. Extensive tests have shown astrology to be nothing more than guesswork, thinly-veiled appeals to vanity and broad platitudes containing non-specific advice. I remember a very revealing experiment on a television programme where 120 people, ten from each zodiac sign, were given a breakdown of their personality according to the personality type of their zodiac sign. The majority of them described it as a fair and accurate précis of themselves. Then it was revealed that all 120 people had been given identical pieces of paper. I think that says plenty.

  4. First of all, the basis of astrology is nonsense. Neither the constellations nor the planets have any effect on your life at all.

    Here’s where it gets fun.

    As a philosophy, astrology can be VERY accurate. Bearing in mind that a “good” astrologer can produce a startlingly revealing horoscope for you USING SOMEONE ELSE’S BIRTHDATE, it has to mean that the INTERPRETATION is everything. You read something that makes you feel good about yourself and say “Yeah, that’s me” or something bad and go, “I guess I did that”, then when someone asks you how accurate the chart was, you think “It was dead on!”


    Tea leaves, OUIJA boards, Tarot (my personal favorite), rune-stones, sticks, palmistry, and that crazy thing about reading the bumps on your head… didn’t Terry Pratchett do a Retrograde version of that? BONK! “Now, you will be famous and meet the love of your life!”


    Of course James Randi did that wonderful experiment, where he got personal info from a whole classroom of kids, then the next day delivered “individual” horoscopes, which everyone in the class thought was either “very accurate” or “pretty accurate”… and all the horoscopes were IDENTICAL.

  5. Astrology means the knowledge of stars. Unfortunately, it doesnt know anything — at all — about stars, or people.

    As Carl Sagan used to say, the position of your doctor at your birth is a much larger gravitation influence on you than anything in the sky.

  6. Very low accuracy. Probably better than guesswork if the astrologer knows a little about you already.

    You will get a more positive response if you ask this question in the “Mythology and Fantasy” category.

  7. Not accurate at all. First off, it has no basis behind it, and was created by ancient pseudo-scientists who knew nothing about the way our universe works. Secondly, the birth signs were based on how the stars and planets were configured thousands of years ago, and since that changes over time, the ancient birth charts would no longer be accurate even if there was something to astrology.

    Trust me, astrology and horoscopes are both silly non-sense. I would take the whole thing with a grain of salt.

  8. You’re in the wrong place. This is a science-related forum, and astrology is not science. You’ll find astrology in the entertainment section.

  9. Astrology is as accurate as the one who reads it wants it to be.

    Your an…that means your very introverted, but intelligent. At times you have a hard time giving yourself credit. No one should cross you because you ave very opinionated. Your hard work makes you a valuable employee, but some times your playful side can make you seem lazy.

    See how it works.

    Someone can read that and say…”yeah, I am kinda shy…of course I’m smart. Yep thats me alright…I need to start believeing in myself. That right…I’ll tell you like it is, and heck yeah…My motto is “all work and no play…”

    Anyone here can find something in that paragraph and make all of it apply to them, even if one statement were to contradict the other.

  10. Astrology has no basis in science (astrologers don’t even have the basic facts about the planets and stars correct).
    For example – I was born in June, so I am a “Gemini”. However, the signs were set up 2000 years ago, and since then the Earth’s axis has moved (called the precession of the equinoxes), so the day I was born the sun was actually “in” Cancer. So am I a Gemini or a Cancer?
    And think about this – there are 6 billion (give or take) people on Earth. And 12 astrological signs.
    So that means that you share the same sign as 500 million other people. How accurately can one horoscope predict the daily minutiae of everyday life for 500 million people and actually be right?

    However, if you want a astrological question, you should ask this in Entertainment or Horoscopes – this category is for astroNOMY questions dealing with science, not with myth or hype.

  11. Astrology, like painting, music or dancing, is an art form, not a science, like mathematics, physics and chemistry. As an art form, astrological interpretation is concerned with that which is ‘significant’, and not that which is ‘accurate’. Other areas of study in which the importance lies in that which is ‘significant’, over that which is ‘accurate’, are psychology, and religion, for example, because there are no certainties or ‘two add two equals four’ approaches to such matters.

    You’ve had a lot of responses from people that know absolutely nothing about the art form of interpretative horoscopic astrology.

    The huge mistake that people make with astrology is that because the art form is based upon some mathematical calculation to give us the framework around which to weave our art, much like graphic design for example, that it is supposed to be somehow an ‘accurate’ science, and that a critique of astrology based upon the criteria of modern science is a valid criticism of the art. Wrong. The most famous paintings of Picasso certainly were not ‘accurate’ representations of the subject, however, if they were not ‘significant’ they would not be among the best known works of art in history. Obviously, some artists are better than others, and the same can be said of astrologers.

    Astrology, as an art form, is not open to testing by the criteria of science: the tools with which such testing might validly be done, simply do not exist. Science deals with quantity, art deals with quality. No amount of quantity can comprehend distinctions of quality: we might as well judge the value of a classic novel or the Bible by it’s weight or by the number of pages it contains.

    So, in answer to your question, astrological interpretation does not deal with ‘accuracy’, but then neither does psychology, or theatre, but we do not completely discard such areas of human interest for this reason, instead we realise that such matters deal with ‘significance’, and the same can be said of astrological interpretation, always bearing in mind of course that some people are better at relating such significance than others, and that there are very few good astrologers in the modern world, and the worst of them tend to be the most likely to proclaim themselves in the market-place. Caveat emptor.

    The best thing would be for you to discover this yourself by pursuing your own studies of the astrological tradition, and I emphasise the word TRADITION, as opposed to the utter nonsense of the make-it-up-as-you-go-along pseudo-astrology that all the popular bookshelves abound with today.

    Pretty much the only environment in which astrology can be seriously discussed on the internet is here:


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