How am I a typical high school fake poser pagan if?

I am not even in high school, I am in college.
I have been pagan all my life, was raised pagan.

so do I still fit your description?

any who, what deities do you worship?

9 thoughts on “How am I a typical high school fake poser pagan if?

  1. who the hell am i to say your a poser i don’t know you but i worship ZEUS and i go to the church of the fonz from family guy Peter Griffin goes there too

  2. Perhaps you aren’t a poser, as it is impossible to ascertain that information over the web.

    The simply fact is many * are * “typical high school fake poser pagans”.

    So, if you want to get snippy with someone, you should get snippy with * them *.

  3. LOL the idiots claiming all pagans are just bored, rebellious teens don’t know what they’re talking about.

    My deities are the Norse ones – in particular, Thor and Freya

  4. I work with Lir, God of the sea.
    I don’t know if I have a Goddess, as I haven’t found her..I am somewhat close to Danu as well

  5. Unsure about the first part of the question as to the second… nothing.

    Although I have a fondness for fairies, I dont really believe they exist though.

    I am so cynical 🙁

  6. You sound defensive. Try, instead, to be the change you want to see.

    Actually, your question makes me wonder if you are a poseur, as people who’ve worked with other Pagans usually know that the names of the deities one has a relationship with is not something one bandies about causally, like who your favorite sports team is. Especially not in a public forum with people who’ll use the names of the gods disrespectfully.

  7. I worship all deities. I consider all gods and goddesses to be aspects of the Mother and Father.

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