25 thoughts on “One on One – Deepak Chopra – 28 Apr 2007 – Part 1

  1. @txnurse9
    And even Jesus said, “you can do all that I have done and even greater.” Now you can “interpret” this in anyway you want, Deepak has his own way of interpreting it, I suggest you stop acting like you know everything. And if you think Deepak is acting like he knows everything, he is only speaking from “personal” experience.

  2. @txnurse9
    He doesn’t “deny” God either by the way, where does he say he denies God? You are making things up. Even if he does claim that the highest state of conciousness is what “God” is, well, there is no “denying” of God there, is there?

  3. @txnurse9
    Are you claiming to know God and his ways? Are you claiming to have all the knowledge of God? How about you get off your high horse and realize you cannot and do not know God. Nobody most likely knows God completely, you can only surrender yourself(Ego, the false mind made sense of self) to him/it and let it take control of your life. By the way, you are going against Jesus’s teachings of “love your enemy” and “do not just, lest ye be judged,” and I am not judging you, TEACHING.

  4. It’s nice to know Deepak had bad habits before he changed his ways and learned new things(truth) and is teaching it.

  5. Deepak is a CHARLATAN! He is the most annoying, arrogant, intellectual snob I have ever heard. I cannot stand to hear him talk! He denies God and in fact thinks of himself as God. He reminds me a bit of Obama- both have an inflated, egotistical personality and fool people with their baloney!

  6. Deepak Chopra had one too many paan leaves and smoked way too much dodda to be taken seriously! He is one f***ed up cabbie elephant m cow f***er, racoon eyed desi freak!

  7. the 7th floor mystery 2009… the scariest on youtube…search it to see…don’t forget to read the comments

  8. honestly I dont see how this type of thinking incorperating the soul with your heatlh could have any negitive ramifiaction. I dont recollect Dr. Chopra ever stating dont take medicine hes saying to mediate unto which there is some science to about the benefit of meditation of itself. Even if Dr. Chopra’s advice is a placebo effect, if anyone whos ill feels better and more comfortable then its well worth it for them why begrudge them that? are you a heartless asshole? and how does it effect you?

  9. To start with,,, a “quantum” is not a unit os measure. Another: If you get cancer or HIV, no amount of meditation is going to make you better. Go to the hospital. One thing you can’t argue with:
    Deepak is good at making money off pseudo-intellectuals.

  10. the same idea’s of plastic surgey. explioting people’s insecurities , no wonder famous people are his main customer’s .Shallow people with too much money .. their all crazy. he wanted less work and more money clever guy .Repent Deepak

  11. okay obviously you are not in my level of knowledge. I will go slow for your convenience okay. science is one thing, and I assume that even you are aware that we are all made up of energy, and of course we are beginning to understand it, every since the bablobians, or however it is spelled from da vinci, to henryford all admitted of a higher power. okay im off topic. I cant argue with you because you lack tremendous knowledge. you criticise and people, stop. Chopra is in a better position then u

  12. Your reasoning power is mind boggling. If you are talking about consciousness, then we are beginning to understand it. We don’t know yet, and scientists are honest enough to admit it. What you are saying is that you can’t understand certain things, then a soul is responsible. That statement is not testable, it may come as good evidence to but not to the science. You simply demonstrated that your ignorance of science like Deepak Chopra. No wonder he featured in ‘Enemies of reason’ by Dawkins.

  13. lol no one is making you read anything, and okay lets pretend there is no soul after life. oh and I can more then prove it to you but the thing is we are in an online communitie of bad vibes and negative people taking over the net. anyways thats not the point. science is like a wave from the ocean…….the ocean being the universe. now if there is no soul in your body what makes you move and think and feel? please do not say brain and cells and all that. trust me i can go on and on. peace

  14. I don’t need to read bullshit on quantum consciousness. Go read some good science books, there is no soul, no afterlife. Can you prove it to me? Instead of refuting my points, you are making ad-hominem attack, you lose even before you start.

  15. “Thankyou”-I, got a thumbs down ;but that’s whats its about,Jesus took alot of hits ,until they feared him / the truth so much.. He said what rolls off the Tongue is the very essence and beginning of all mans’ TROUBLES….or was that the bible ‘s decree….

  16. obviously you do not know what you are talking about or read his books and most importantly do not understand metaphysics. stop being rude and cussing. your remind us all of all the ignorant youtubers, do not be one of them

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