19 thoughts on “UnlikeHAWKvey; Regarding soul mates, do you find this statement to be true?

  1. yes, and to clarify, there is no perfect person.

    and the person accepts your flaws and loves you more for them 🙂

    unlike AJ answer

  2. Absolutely…We have our differences. We have our quirks. But I’d rather be with someone who is 80% right for me then to be with someone who is only 20% right for me.

  3. awww hawk is menstruating. the odds that your soul mate happens to work at the same bread factory as you are 5 billion to one. therefore everybody talking about their soul mates are full of sh!t. they are just someone you love. oly out

  4. D’aww! HAWK! That’s so sweet! Wait. Who are you. What have you done with the real HAWK??!

  5. I have a whole text book theory on my beliefs about soul mates,but yes I would agree with that.

  6. Sourpatch said “soft” and “gooey”.

    Wow, that’s pretty deep. I’ve been noticing Crash Fu showing a slightly more sensitive side lately too. Is there something in the water you guys are drinking?

    I don’t per se, subscribe to the idea of soul-mates, but I would say your statement holds true for someone you are truly in love with.


  7. I don’t believe in that soul mate sh|t. If you find someone that’s a good match for and you balance out each other well, then that’s just great. You love them too? Alleluia and applause applause.

    Nobody brings out the best in people. It was there all along and that person finally dropped the wall to free themselves that much more.

  8. True, but are you okay?

    Have you sustained head trauma?
    What is today’s date?
    Can you touch your thumb and each fingertip?
    What’s the last thing you remember?

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