4 thoughts on “What kind of foods and drink do you avoid when on homeopathy medicine?

  1. I have taken homeopathy medicine for a number of ills and I have never been told to avoid any particular foods. I have been told not to eat or drink 1/2 hour beforehand and the same after because homeopathy works to some extent on taste and so should not be interfered with by any lingering tastes.

  2. On top of what Daniel has said above which is all correct. Thank you Daniel 🙂 !
    While taking Homeopathic remedies you are not supposed to take CHOCOLATES,COFFEE,MINTS,RED MEAT and there should be no strong scents and perfumes while you are taking your medicine.Anything which gives you a indigestion should be avoided especially the food stuff which can possibly give you constipation!Keep all Homeopathic Remedies away from heat sunlight and scents and perfumes do not put them with your cosmetics and Do Not store them in the fridge just keep them in a cool dark place.
    Take care and God Bless you !

  3. While you may need to avoid specific foods because of a given health condition (for example, most people could benefit with a seasonal detox off of wheat, sugars and other processed foods found in the average American diet), it’s not really *what* you eat, but *when* you eat which will affect your homeopathy!

    Whether in pill or drop from, you should not eat, drink or brush your teeth 15 minutes before & after taking the remedy. Homeopathic substanses are very fragile, and can be destroyed easily with touch, light or other substances. In addition, you want the blood vessels under your tongue to be relaxed and ready to absorb the homeopathy so it can go to work (toothpastes can restrict blood vessels!).

    I hope this helps!

  4. Please have a look at my references.
    Be aware that ‘homeopaths’ are not allowed to diagnose nor prescribe, i.e. they are unqualified.
    Consider this when you hear advice about homeopathic remedies and potions.

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