Building My Wiccan Altar

i cover some of the items i have for my altar but i would greatly appreciate all advice and input i could get from other people Thank you Blessed Be )O(

8 thoughts on “Building My Wiccan Altar

  1. I think your altar is on the right track, and as for goddess-related items, try feminine crystals and flowers. Many also place their pentacle with earth, athame with air, wand with fire and chalice with water, and if your willing to buy statues you can always buy statues of goddesses if you can’t come up with a representation you like.

  2. I really like the KISS rule for altar set up…Earth-how about some soil or salt in a bowl, incense for air, a red candle for south, a chalice of water in west. The antlers are great for the God and how about a vase of fresh flowers to represent the Goddess. These are just suggestions…After watching your vid a few times a book came in mind that you might like – “Good Magic” by Marina Medici has a really good feel to it.

  3. wtf is it just my crummy internet.. or is the audio off for everyone else? let me know please


  4. I ran into a similar problem about representing fire on my alter. I use volcanic stones to represent fire and i’m also making candles with red and orange wax to add a personal touch. So those are two options I hope they help. Blessed Be

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