14 thoughts on “How can you find something out without scrying?

  1. Well, you can physically go and find out. Ask questions, read a book, or look for the answer. Scrying, like all divination is bogus.

  2. It depends on what you want to find out. I presume that what you want to know is private; otherwise, you’d simply go to the library or look it up online.

    If you’re trying to determine if someone is cheating on you or hurthing someone–you’re going to have to go with your gut. How much do you trust the person? Obviously not much, but…you need a reality check. You might try seeking an objective opinion from a friend or someone whose judgment you trust.

    Scrying is open to interpretation, just like dreams. It’s not certain to provide accurate information.

  3. I have never scryed and I seem to be figuring things out pretty well.
    Now do I ask the Ancestors for guidance? Sure I do. Do I hope the answers are obvious? Well yeah we all like certainities. But sometimes they are beating me over the head with the answer and I’m just paying attention. I have never scryed for this.
    The future is NOT set. Any sort of divination only gives you an idea, a rough sketch of what could happen if NOTHING changes. But the reading alone changes things. It CAN give you insight though.

  4. You can ask here. But seriously, you can use many meditational methods, learn to be more sensitive to vibrational patterns, employ other divination methods like Tarot, Norse rune casting, prayer, etc… independantly of scrying (meaning gazing into a reflective or other surface to see images), develop your natural and latent empathy, clairvoyance, telepathy, reading the aura, clairaudience, clairsentience, psychometry, etc… – there are scads of ways to know something in a metaphysical way.

    The internet works too…

    Peace and love,
    Pagan Priest, and pretty good at a lot of those…

  5. the Yellow Pages?

    Just Kidding…I agree with Heathen Daughter on this one. Asking your Ancestors for Guidence is a good option. 1. you get advice from Spirits who are not only older with more experiance but they are wiser and they gain more knowledge after they cross over; and 2. it brings you closer to your kin. Runes and Tarot are too generalized and broad, I think, to be effective in finding something. They are more for guidance as well and not for giving you an exact answer.

  6. Do not try to contact spirits,and I have a friend who paid $500.
    for her scrying mirror and has tried for years,NOTHING

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