Intro to Asian Medicine, Chinese Herbal, Qigong, Tui Na

Intro to Asian Medicine, Chinese Herbal, Qigong, Tui Na Janus Lee has a masters degree in traditional Chinese medicine and is a certified acupuncturist. She discusses the history of Asian medicine and the difference branches such as acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine & food therapy, Qigong, Tui Na, etc. She discusses how conventional medicine relates to traditional medicine in china and in the west. Visit Janus website Music by John Richter http This video was produced by Psychetruth © Copyright 2009. Target Public Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

25 thoughts on “Intro to Asian Medicine, Chinese Herbal, Qigong, Tui Na

  1. @vairocana23 that has more to do with industrialization and societal changes… not the presence of “western” medicine.

  2. It’s all a money-making scam. There’s no scientific evidence to suggest “Chi” even exists. Don’t buy into it. If you have a health problem, go to your GP and seek real help.

  3. aaah boring introduction, the arrogant westerners arent going to buy into this, got to show more actual cases.

  4. please for humanity f***ing sake..dont just dnt. u know nothing of traditional anio motha f***in ayee …
    thts not evena bun f***n barrells
    evolved my arse

  5. Vairocana23 and Prospero811 the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) who oversees all of the commercial drug and foods (including additives) in the US, state ON THEIR OWN WEBSITE that the burden of scientific proof can be given by the companies who stand to profit from the sales of the drugs. And they are not held accountable for any suppressed or unpublished negative results regarding those drugs. Plus, most trials are not long term-so sometimes using a drug is a gamble.

  6. Vairo

    People are going to choose ignorance; and continue to serve themselves up as steak to the International Cartel of Bankers as well as to their physicians

  7. LOL, and who determines the validity of these so called double-blind studies? If you look at the amount of pharmaceutical drugs that has been recalled in the last 5 years alone should make any one with common sense question these so-called double-blind studies that approved those drugs in the first place.

  8. The health of the Chinese people declined as they switch away from their traditional diet of nutritious foods and abandoned their ancient healing arts and began to utilize “Western Medicine”

  9. If Chinese “medicine” is so much better, then why do the Chinese not live longer, healthier lives than Americans?

  10. No. A medicinal plant and herb is not considered a valid treatment if there is no evidence that shows that it works. If you properly conduct a double-blind study that can be verified and repeated that shows grass seeds cure cancer, everybody would use it. The sick joke played on the public’s health is played by snake oil salesmen who make unsubstantiated claims.

  11. And where does western medicine get all of their pharmaceuticals especially their “miracle drugs” from? From the very same plants and herbs that various peoples around the world have been used for centuries and some from thousands of years. But those same medicinal plants and herbs are not consider valid treatment for illness or disease based on FDA regulation. It a very sick joke played with the public’s health.

  12. I am aware of that fact and many others about the scam that is allopathic medicine. The key to optimum health is for people to educate themselves about nutrition, and learn about plants, and other herbs that have centuries and even millenniums of safe usage. As long as a person chooses to remain ignorant, and don’t take responsibility for their own health that person is relegating himself or herself to substandard quality of life.

  13. Yes;

    Linus Pauling linked it to Vitamin C deficiency- his last great contribution. Cholesterol levels in the blood do not matter if one has adequate Vitamin C (2000 mg/day – to match blood levels found in other great apes) for collagen formation.

    When collagen is strong, no weaknesses develop, cholesterol does not stick to artery walls.

    It also helps significantly to not eat bad fats (saturated, trans, overabundant omega-6), which weaken collagen.

    USA medicine sucks, agreed.

  14. Damn! I just noticed that chick has some big… eyes. That and she knows her Oriental Medicine. I take Chinese Medicine I purchased while in Shanghai. Very impressive, and nice blouse.

  15. Chinese and Western medicine could complement each other wonderfully if we westerners stopped being so arrogant and profit driven and started seriously using herbal medicine. Hard drugs have many side effects and don’t help the body heal, herbs can actually encourage healing if used correctly.

  16. Thanks

    For 12 years all the scientific research has proven that cholesterol lowering drugs increase morbidity & mortality – So why are they the number one USA prescribed drugs?

    In fact, cholesterol does NOT cause atherosclerosis, (hyperinsulemia triggers cytokines that cause it)

    Cholesterol is needed to form hormones; so by turning off cholesterol, you turn off hormone production; the agent ages quicker & dies faster

    USA medicine is ranked 54th in the world

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