soteric Agenda Ascension 2012 Pt 3 of 13

There is an Esoteric Agenda behind every facet of life that was once believed to be disconnected. There is an Elite faction guiding most every Political, Economic, Social, Corporate, some Non-Governmental or even Anti-Establishment Organizations. This film uses the hard work and research of professionals in every field helping to expose this agenda put the future of this planet back into the hands of the people.

25 thoughts on “soteric Agenda Ascension 2012 Pt 3 of 13

  1. @LiamYumHome keep in mind he is not black and he is not white look it up for yourself i will get you started who is his father who is his father father and so on…next who is his mother who is her mother mother and father father and see what you get if ou wanna know you have to put in work

  2. I think that improving body image is fine as long as you use basic weights and natural resistance exercises using your own body weight and keeping away from automated machines,etc (and yes it can be done), and by eating natural organics in moderation. These videos provide some valuable information about world structure but can be done better.

  3. Swastika is Sanskirt ancient symbol of fertility, life force. From the Annunnaki there are those who wanted humanity to labor and obey & some wanted humanity to have wisdom. <--Hitler got in touch with the wrong Anunnakis. Archetype of progenitor was the God/Alien who loved humanity & wanted us to have wisdom. He paid dearly for this. It is because of his protection or because of our relation to Him that we can exist. Sumerian myth tells us our progenitor Lord Enki has the ME's of civilization.

  4. @BankOFganja lookingback on the comment I was wrong lol Gof is fake, Hollow earth is fake, and fall of illuminati Feb 09 was fake

  5. Information and facts is what is needed, not subjected opinions ‘linking’ to examples of everyday life. The only interesting points this video makes is about the monetary system and the branching, and connection of major powers and where the roots are. A monopoly of influence disguised by the appearance of choice.

  6. You also presume constructs exists. You don’t address what there is to be know, you simply assume that everything ‘can’ be known. You just want to be ‘part’ of a supposed elite. This is just as brainwashing as any other religion. The same ppl that believed in gods, stars used to drill skulls to release demons. They were called headaches!! None of this is substantiated, yes the world is f***ed up but I dont agree with persuasion towards philosophies.

  7. If stuff isn’t exposed to the public, then how do you know?
    I was interested in this but it’s just stating the obvious and using correlating ”facts”, coincidences to substantiate that somehow there is a higher power. They’re called businesses! Millions and millions of events happen all over the world every, day. you correlate ancient ‘god worshipping’ with 1 world event?

  8. The word Nazi is based on the first two syllables of the German word Nationalialsozialist. (In German ‘ti’ as in ‘National’ is pronounced /tsi/). People at home every time something is stated as fact just google it a few times. Do a little home work before you get all up in arms here. Heres one for you from the online etymology encyclopedia:
    Demon: 1387, from L. dæmon “spirit,” from Gk. daimon (gen. daimonos) “lesser god, guiding spirit, tutelary deity,”

  9. The Plato quote? Was Plato not a practitioner of esoteric/pagan/hermetics himself? If so then what? ex. (Plato was a bad evil devil worshipping control freak who viewed all others as inferiors)?If not then(It’s ok to be ruled by our inferiors as long as their not occultists?)The quote is great alone,but what point does it serve in this vid if Plato was an occultist?So many of these types of video series use the very knowledge and heros of the occult and pagan history as champions of their cause.

  10. I agree that body image can be a bad thing, but it has it’s good parts as well. Isn’t it our duty to change both in the physical, as well as, spiritual? I’m sure that people opposed to the physical acspects of the martial arts said the same, but look how many good things came from it.

  11. made sense to me.
    most people feel the same way. the best thing to do DjLL is to educate your self and spread the word. we have power in numbers. 6 billion is power, lets get this knowledge out in the open.
    TRUTH will always win

  12. So we are going to see some friends from outer space giving a “little” hand in that condition we are currently at?
    Nah,I’ve seen and heart many UFO’s stories,but the most strange of all was when my own mother warned me that she has seen such things staring our city which a small city,but close to radioactive wastes 🙁 .And yes I’ve seen one thing myself..still I don’t believe they are extraterestial,but for some reasson I have a feeling something wrong is getting closer and closer every day…

  13. @ bank of Fganja do you belive in the galactic federation of light and ashtar command and the hollow earth of agartha Because i do but anyways do you belive in the fall ofthe illumanati feb. 2009

  14. were watching all this
    but we cant do shit but sit down and watch these f***ers get more and more money and f*** up the world :@:@:@

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