24 thoughts on “Taurus 2010 Astrology Forecast with Barbara Goldsmith

  1. Thanks Barbara!! This was a very accurate analysis.

    The year is almost over, and it all makes sense,specially the confusion part!! This has been a great year. I turned 30, and feel so good about my life. I haven’t achieved anything (as expected so far), and there was a lot of confusion on why I was not able to do all that I wanted to do and achieve.

    This video would have helped even more if I had seen it in beginning of the year. Looking forward to 2011 analysis.

    Thanks again.

  2. I’m amazed at how much astrology is right on the money about how I feel and what im doing. I Like how you explained it aswell. Not too much numbers and dates. And its funny you mention there still will be a slight confusion. But another part in this video clicked it together for me. I was working a lot for a recent move and now that I have more time on my hands, I can go back to fulfilling my soul by donating my time to others in need. Thank you, just made my day brighter. 😀

  3. tnx for uplifting my spirit…im searching for reasons why im so down in the past 2months and about of giving up my job….you enlighten me.thank you!!!

  4. 0_O …Barbara…can school enter into the “work catigory”….cause….this predition has been my year so far….O_O….Your good….

  5. Barbra Give Yourself A Big Hug For Me Because You Always Inspire Me And Make Me Switch Up My Perception With Your Presence and Energy 😀 – I first saw this video in january and been taking your advice ever since. So now I want you and all my fellow taureans to SEE WHAT I HAVE CREATED.

    🙂 hope to hear from you soon

  6. that is so me… getting back into writing, making art , and music and looking at the new world order and spiritual things differently God bless this.

  7. dear barbara
    what is about education field
    it will be successful or how it will be


  8. Thanks for the clarification. And I also wanted to tell you that you have a very effervescent personality.

  9. It’s always worth looking at both the Sun and Rising sign predictions – you should be able to find things that resonate for you in both forecasts. However, the most accurate forecast for you can only be done with a personal in-depth reading. Hope this helps and thanks for watching! 🙂

  10. Thank you for this…I am curious what weight to give the Sun forecast versus the Rising sign. I watched both predictions (my Sadge Sun and Taurus Ascendant) and wonder if both are equally valid transits.

  11. Its going to be important to readjust yourself before the passage of December 21 2012, look at my Profile vids..

  12. Your energy my goodness. You just make me feel happy, haha thats sounds strange however you truly are the only person on youtube I can listen to for horoscopes wise.

  13. Dear Barbara
    I think you have become so much better and better on the screen over the year I have been watching you.
    Your forcast is so accuate and stimulating.
    Thank you so much for doing them!!!!!
    They make me stronger in my “knowing” of what’s happening and comming into my life.


  14. @harlemw651
    Yes, she is, I wish I could bottle her and take her home (Barbara Eden is far too old now), but that would be too typical of the un-evolved bull. Energy Energy Energy!

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