4 thoughts on “With pendulum and Dowsing healing, how do you get rid of the negative energy afterwards. Is it harmful to me?

  1. everything eventually comes to a balance, so the better question is how do you channel the negative energy for good? all energy is manipulable, and changeable, you just need to learn how.

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    Only a negative mind can hold negativity. When your healing, close down after & allow your guides to take care of the patience energies.


  3. Grounding stones really help as well as forcing the negativity into a large stone with iron ore in it and then burying it. When I need to transfer negative energy I use a living form such as a small house plant and then take it outside to be released. Sometimes the plants die if the negativity is too strong, but I only use the starters from and existing plant to keep around for that purpose. My husband says the house looks like a jungle most times. LOL. When I go to the hospital to visit friends I bring a small green leaf plant. If they want me to draw the pain or negativity from them I usually draw their pain or negative energy and then with one hand I will hold the plant to transfer it so it doesn’t go to another human and sit it by the window to release it. But this is what I do. What seems to work for you is the best way. Try several things that might help first.
    Blessed be

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