Anthony De Mello – Wake Up! (Pray) 2/4

Spirituality for today. Anthony de Mello speaking about praying.

19 thoughts on “Anthony De Mello – Wake Up! (Pray) 2/4

  1. I love this talk! But that Chinese saying, “There is nothing so cruel as nature.” is so f***ed up. That’s exactly why they try so hard to control “nature”. A really f***ed-up mentality they have! But, regardless, this is a good talk.

  2. przystojny ten Anthony…nie wiedzial(a) em…) Charyzmatyczny,kontrowersyjny, oswiecony i …przystojny…)…..

  3. What!?, are trying to say that society of Jesus or Jesuits are not catholic priests?And are you trying to say that you cant be a christian-catholic if you live in India and Tibet?And what is the real reason why Vatican tried to excommunicate him?

  4. but look what preist, a really priest…he from the society of jesus, he lived in india and tibet…you know what all that means? but the vatican tried to excomulgated him! damn

  5. I love this guy! Completely Buddhist! For the unenlightened worldling, there are two darts: the dart of physical pain, and the dart of the emotional reaction. For the Instructed noble being, there is only one dart: the dart of the physical pain. There is NO emotional suffering from that pain! Wonderful!

  6. De MEllo a true mystic and teacher, thanks to him I was able to tolerate the ignorance in my own catholic church.
    He inspires you to SEE, Seeing is the the key to begin a process so profound, one begins to understand our true Saints.

  7. How he’s different from a ‘typical’ priest or pastor. He knew what the God is and could pass the knowledge to others in funny and ingenious way.

  8. There you have it people! No sugar coating in this man’s message. He talks the natural truth!!!

  9. Something about 10 years ago I got to read Awarness by Anthony de Mello. It changed my mind. Nowdays, I am searching Anthony de Mello again, as I need to srt my live again, and I need to see the life through another point of view.

  10. Thank you! I was exposed to De Mello a few months ago. I carry his book, his last meditations, The Way To Love, with me always. I am very grateful that you have shared this with us all.

  11. am so pleased to see de mello on utube – have been trying to get hold of his videos for a long time with no success. Thank you.

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