5 thoughts on “Can anyone tell me about dowsing?

  1. The link below is a good start. Dowsing depends on many things, but number one is if you have a predisposition to it. If you ain’t got the gift, I would suggest you don’t try. If you have patience, then you can try it for sure. There are 2 main types of dowsing – one with a rod and such, and the other with the pendulum. I am a pendulum user and dowsing kind of runs in my family, though I am not as good as my aunt. Number one, unless you have some amzing gift, this takes time to ‘get out’ and be good at. If you stop doing it, it isn’t always like riding a bike. I would suggest a good how-to book for the basics and once you start, you can develop your own style. I bought a book that actually came with a seeker pendulum and it really does great things. It doesn’t find ghosts or anything like this, as most people attribute this gift to your own energy stream and being able to tap into it better than others. If you want any more info on the pendulums, then contact me. There is a lot of great info on line though.

  2. I used to think this was all a bunch of crap. But then I saw an old neighbor of mine do it. I don’t believe there’s anything magical about it. Either you can do it, or you can’t. Even if you can, it requires practice.

  3. like in dowsing a fire…pouring water on it….not sure. what application are you trying to do.

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