Psychics and diviners: what’s your method?

I’m just wondering and want survey the wonderful people here. If you have a client asking for information not obtainable by normal means, what’s your method of getting and delivering it? Do you use clairvoyance or channeling? Do you use a medium, such as the Tarot or runes? Do you use information intrinsic to the querent, such as astrological charts, numerological analyzing, or physiognomy (palmistry, phrenology, etc.)? Some combination of the above?

I prefer to use geomancy (not feng shui, not ley lines, but a divination form practiced up until about the 19th century in western Europe). I find it to be compact, easily performed, concise, and I think that the symbols used are beautiful in meaning and form.

3 thoughts on “Psychics and diviners: what’s your method?

  1. My dreams…most of my dreams and gut feelings come true. I don’t charge or anything because Im no professional, but when I truly feel something and dream about something, I say it….and guess what? I have been 99.9% accurate all the time (like a pregnancy test).

  2. Hello Sam,
    I read from the persons energy, on line that means focus on feedback I get from their words and any personal information they give. I see images or hear/know specific words or phrases. Then my job is to put it together in a way the asker may accept. I have good insight and intuition. I can often pick up details that I have not been asked about.

    Some people do not like to be read, even when they ask truthful question and give truthful personal information. These people are hard to read and will sometimes “block’ the reader.

    I have found on here that some people are “testers” they will post a fake question in attempt to “Catch a fake Reader.” There are a lot of Haters on here.

    Miss Zoe.

  3. Hello Sam

    I ask for their first name & their concern as I work direct, is someone wishes a Tarot reading then I do what is necessary with cards.

    see profile 🙂

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