The Fractal Universe and I Ching

@(^L^)@ The whole universe is based on Fractal Geometry. The ancient Chinese understood this and created a map of the Fractal Universe called I Ching. The tradition of the I Ching was handed down through the ages by the Fang-shih, the Court Historians, Geomancers, and scholars until it reached Shao-Yung (1011- 1077) (Shao Kang-chieh) of the Sung Dynasty. Though Shao Yung never used this term …fractal geometry he does describe the process through his books and charts. …RS

9 thoughts on “The Fractal Universe and I Ching

  1. This intuitive non loco interplay in chaotic timeless beats is fractal chaos . Wonderful Thank you

  2. its not based on fractals, but can be recreated in systems of fractal design. what is smaller than the fractals? more fractals ad infinitum? the universe is also particles and possibly strings.

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