5 thoughts on “what good information is availabe on herbs and herbal remedies?

  1. I would suggest you to look out for literature on “ayurveda” .
    It is ancient Indian medical practice based on herbs.


    So, if you want to search for any remedy,
    search for term “ayurveda” or “ayurvedic medicine” or “ayurvedic remedy ” along with your ailment .

    In India, it is a billion dollar industry .You can look out for books on AYURVEDA from good publishers .
    Or you can go through the catalogues of some good ayurveda pharmaceutical companies and see the ingredients,they usually show all the components .
    check links on this page for information about composition of some medicines ( this is world no.1 company of ayurvedic medicines)


    And the plus point is.ayurvedic medicines do not have side -effects.
    More you can look out yourselves….the name is “ayurveda”.
    hope that helps:)

  2. Tons of good sites. Here are a few I keep bookmarked for such questions. You might also check YA! for more questions like yours, I’m sure not everyone answers the same ones all the time, you might pick up a gem or two looking back at old ones.

    http://www.localharvest.org/ (not as much about herbs, but more local network stuff, could be useful to you)

    Something else to consider – you may not have to grow your own so much as locate natural sources. My favorite, and wild growing, http://www.botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/m/mulgre63.html
    You just need to find and protect the source and process properly.

    My mother-in-law used to collect and process her own chamomile, and a good friend and herbalist found St. John’s Wort growing freely on her property and did that same, making salves and other products with it.

    That should get you started. Best to you in a very healthful, herbal education!

  3. You can find useful information in searches for “herbal medicine overview” and “herbal medicine training”.

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