anemic cat what kind of herbal medicine is there on the market.?

i have a cat who got sick so i took to vet . she got several shot and medicine. vet said if stomac swells up to bring her back and they will drawl blood and everything because she is anemic. but i cant aford to take her back to vet because it is going to cost $1.000. is there any herbal pills she can take to help with the anemic desease.?

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  1. Anemia is a symptom – there is always an underlying cause. Treating the symptom does not cure what’s causing the anemia, and she will get sicker and sicker. Be very cautious also giving herbal medication to cats – many of them are not well tolerated by cats, and something safe in dogs or humans may be very harmful to a cat. “Natural” and “herbal” is not necessarily synonymous with safe. For instance – pyrethrins are a natural flea killer that is very safe for dogs, but can cause seizures and death in cats.

    Basic bloodwork should really be in the $100 – $200 range, not $1000. What was the vet planning to do for that?

  2. No. Anaemia has to be treated by the vet. First you have to find out what is causing the anaemia. One cause is heavy flea infestation. There are other diseases that can make a cat anaemic.

    Anaemia is due to lack of iron. Herbs aren’t going to help give her iron because cats can’t digest herbs. Herbal remedies could do more damage. Iron is found in good quality meat especially liver. But you still have to find out what is causing the anaemia so it can be treated properly.

    Never ever treat your cat with herbal remedies that are made for humans. Many of the herbal remedies humans can safely eat are toxic to cats and you could end up poisoning her.

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