Earthquake dowsing with pendulum and map?

If you live in an earthquake prone area, you can divine its epicenter using a dowsing pendulum. Hang the pendulum from a stable source. Next put under it a map of your region (or even the world). Be sure the map is aligned with true north.

Now observe, when an earthquake happens the pendulum will swing in the direction of the quake on the map.

If you are unable to constantly watch and wait, perhaps some mechanism can be devised to record which way the pendulum swings first.

4 thoughts on “Earthquake dowsing with pendulum and map?

  1. there’s no way to do that. a pendulum requires a constant energy feed. leaving one unattended would do nothing.

  2. that’s true in the first shocks, as the faster p waves (compression) will reach you first and will radiate from the source. however the s waves that come soon after give a rolling side-to-side movement. the first waves wont give you the actual direction, only two choices 180 degrees apart. to get a direction and position would require two pendulums several miles apart, so there lines can be triangulated when compared

  3. Interesting theory. Do you have definite proof this method works? Have you set up scientifically accurate and verifiable tests? Because if you have, the federal government might just want to talk to you…

  4. In an episode of a Haunting, a 16 year old boy was possessed because he used a dowsing rod one time. Albeit, in a Cematary at night while his mom a paranormal investigator was following up on reports of shadow people in the cemetary. This was documented by John Zaffis, the heir apparent to Ed and Lorraine Warren’s Demonology research.

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