4 thoughts on “Is it possible to remove alcohol from a tincture without using heat?

  1. Technically, yes…. but it’s low levels of heat, really. Alcohol evaporates at room temperatures, but it takes longer than using higher amounts of heat.

    Most herbal extracts of good quality won’t use a high heat, but many of them use sun drying or low heat to retain most of the nutritional integrity.

  2. You can try extraction with glycerine, but some herbs need the strenght of the alcohol to remove some of the chemicals (ie thc isn’t water solulble, you need the alcohol.) you can always use pills, capsuls, teas, etc if you don’t want the alcohol, but…like I said earlier, some chemicals won’t come out in the water.

  3. Water. As in tea.
    Apple cider vinegar for some herbs.

    Would you need to remove ALL the alcohol quickly? You should be able to drip it into water then just let it sit out exposed to the air. It should evaporate, but I have no idea how long it would take and what quantity you are talking about.

    Good luck!

  4. Alcohol evaporates when exposed to air. Leave the container open for several days where there is good air flow. Otherwise, heat is your best bet.

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