9 thoughts on “Can Christian attend Ching Peng festivals i mean go to the ancestor graveyard and pay respect ?

  1. It depends on yourself, if deep in your heart you want to pay respect to your ancestor, please go ahead.

  2. yes they shd
    u be surprise how many Christian cross are there in a Chinese cemetery side by side the tradition Chinese grave

  3. actually cannot but what to do some of their grandparents or father or mother are still taoist

  4. Sure. U dont hv 2 b too “churchy” or “staunchy” (too spiritual). As long as u hv the Lord in heart and dont get urself confused, its ok to go.

  5. of course you can go. i never though, but that’s probably because we are a sea apart. visiting their graves or cleaning up the tombs are not “worship” so it should be cool.

  6. Chin Peng was a household name during the early years of Malaysia A communist.
    Cheng Beng is the period to visit ancestor`s grave.
    To go or not to go is entirely up to you to decide. To me, nothing wrong to pay our respect to our departed loved ones.

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