13 thoughts on “Who has ever used a water witch aka dowsing when looking to dig a well?

  1. I watched it as a child and it was fascinating back then to see that. I accepted all they were doing as fact as I was so young and just figured that is how it is done. It worked we got water and a well so I guess my faith was “well” placed.

  2. My grandfather (1902-1990) was the local expert at this, with amazing results.
    He refused to take money for the service because he believed it was a “gift” that he had been given, meant to be shared.

  3. When I was in grade six, I witnessed our Canadian parish priest used a dowsing branch shaped like a Y before the well-driller starts their operation. It worked but until today im still looking for a scientific explanation why it works. or, just coincidental?

  4. I watched it done by my father-in-law and his friend Archie. This was back in the 60s in North Texas. Archie was famous in the area for his ability to find water by witching. If he marked the spot then you would have a good well. He used a wishbone shaped, limber branch he cut from a tree. After he walked a while holding the branch it began to dip toward the ground. When it dipped directly down to the ground that was where he said to dig for water. I remember that my father-in-law had a well drilled at that spot and it was a good well with sweet water, not the bad smelling and tasting water that some local folks had in their wells.

  5. My uncle who lived on a farm when I was growing up. His well went dry and he used a water witch to find water. After a couple of days he did find water.He swore by this, so maybe he did. All I know is he soon had a new well. Poppy

  6. We did when we put a well in our backyard. My grandfather had a talent for that. He could look at the ground and tell where the water was.

  7. Not me, this stuff is silly. It works because there is water under about 80% of all soil, so have a an 89% chance of being right. Ignorance just will not be stamped out.

  8. Yes we did use one when we needed a well drilled on our 20 acres. It was in the high desert and open plains. This guy came from the northern part of our state.
    He walked the whole 20. Then he marked two spots and said which direction it was coming from and that these were the only two spots on our land.
    The direction he pointed out was where an unused well ( no markings) was on the 20 next to ours.
    We got water and never ran out and it was good water. My friend from Oregon would come down and bring her water jugs in order to take water back with her.
    The people north of us were always drilling on that 20 of their 800 and never got water. They hauled water from their business in Reno,Nv

  9. I was skeptical but my uncle cut a peach tree branch once and trimmed it down to a “Y” and I walked around the acreage with it, if a person holds on too tightly, they are liable to lose some skin on the palms of their hands. I have seen maintenance workers walking around the university apartments with l-shaped pieces of metal locating pipes. There is a science to it, but don’t know how it works.

  10. My dad used to do that just to show that it works, not necessarily to dig a well. It’s really amazing!

  11. when the bark on a branch twists off while you are trying as hard as you can to keep it horizontal you quickly become a believer. it works!

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