Any suggestions on artwork?

I am currently picking some artwork for 3 rooms in my house- I don’t want a “collection” (i.e. all da Vinci or Escher) So, I thought maybe my only somewhat knowledge of “fine art” is hindering my search (All I’ve decided on right now is Munch’s The Scream, but I really like most of John William Waterhouse also) Thanks for suggestons 🙂
I live in a “small” town in Tennessee- the local art and/or knowledge of any is slim to none. I am researching to find some of my fav. but I was curious what other people found “beautiful” as well…

5 thoughts on “Any suggestions on artwork?

  1. id suggest that you spend some time in the library, go through the art section…… see things you like, and go from there. there is so much great art out there….. hope you have a good library you can go to. good hunting.

  2. How about hitting the art fairs in your area…I’ve gotten some beautiful originals …and it’s interesting to talk to the people who created them…always a story…great party talk for later.

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