PALMISTRY – How To Create Quality HANDPRINT – Jim Winter

This short instructional video shows you how to make a ‘good’ quality Handprint using Water Soluble Block Ink and various other kit. Having a decent quality handprint is very useful to the learning/experienced palmist as it shows the lines on the hand so much clearer than you could see by just looking at your palm !. You can also keep a ‘Yearly record’ and learn how to track your palmer lines changing over the years, and compare them to the changes that you may have experienced in life. There are many fine lines on a hand that come and go quite quickly, They seem not related to any folding of the hand. This has been described as the ”Action of the Brain upon the Hand” . The main lines also change but much slower , and for usually more powerful changes. There are other ways of obtaining a handprint .. Ideas are range from Face paints to Lipstick. !.. However if you aim to do many I think block printing ink is the Biz. ..Lasts for years too !! Jim Created/music/Presentation and copyright Jim Winter@2010 — enquiries at website —

9 thoughts on “PALMISTRY – How To Create Quality HANDPRINT – Jim Winter

  1. This new palmistry Video contains information about ‘Love and attachment Lines’.  v=kLPjbaWmNx4

  2. I really love the way you speak. Such a soothing voice. I am in Australia and my problem is getting the correct ink. Thanks for posting, Jim.

  3. @pokefreak339 Thanks ! The Mirror is for the ink… This type of ‘block printing ink’ needs to be worked a bit … and the roller works well with the mirror ..rather than other surfaces like plastic or metal that do not work as well… the roller just slips instead of turning…

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