Walt Woods discusses “Personal Dowsing” for Nutrition with Raymon Grace

Walt Woods new book, “Personal Dowsing” has a program for increasing nutrition of food. Walt talks about the book, and where you can download it for free. Introduction by Raymon Grace.

2 thoughts on “Walt Woods discusses “Personal Dowsing” for Nutrition with Raymon Grace

  1. Thank You sincerley Walt and Raymon, you are gifting us with the keys to the Kingdom. Human Potentiial is so much greater than most of us can imagine, and dowsing is the key. Please regard this information as sacred, learn it, use it, then pass it along. At a time when so many are losing hope, and feeling helpless, here are the tools for transformation. God Bless

  2. The” letter to robin” site is no ordinary info but very sacred info.
    Thanks for revealing this to the world.
    I wish you back divine intelligence and whatever you wish……
    You have no idea how many in the world you have helped!!!!
    Take Care.

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