2 thoughts on “Can someone please explain how to perform water scrying and how I’m supposed to see the details.?

    You will need a large, deep bowl made from glass, brass or silver. It must have a smooth and even rim.

    You must set your base on some sort of tripod for best results. A tripod made of laural boughs is the best.

    You will need to do your own testing to find out which bowl works best for you and how much water you should use. Do not use water from a tap. Get clean, fresh water from a stream.

    The ancient Greeks believed that nature spirits dwelled in fresh water. The water may be stored in a vessel and used again.

    However it is a good idea to replace your water once a month. Never collect the water of a day time. Water should only be collected at night preferably on a full moon.

    To make your wand use a branch from a bay tree, hazel tree or the laural. The end of the wand should be covered in dry tree sap or resin.

    Dip the end of the wand into the water until it becomes wet. Wet the rims of the bowl.

    The best time to scy is at night when it is quite. By gently drawing the rim of the wand around the bowl it will cause it to resonate.

    The action of the resonating basin will cause circular ripples to form in the basin. The water seems to breathe with the sounds.

    It is the harmonics that seem to whisper forth predictions of the future. These are interpreted with the help of a gaurdian angel.

    You may also recieve visual impressions which Nostradamus likened to that of a “burning mirror”.

  2. I agree with the above answerer but would like to put in one more thing…

    Scrying is an ancient divination tool and it is both amazing and difficult to “get”. So often in movies and TV we have been shown someone scrying and they visibly “SEE” images ripple across the water (or mirror if you are mirror scrying). This is not going to happen! You’re not going to see a movie scene playing on the water. You will get vague images and thoughts and feelings. For instance, the scenes in Lord of the Rings where Galadriel uses her bowl to show Frodo the possible future of their world – is an amazing scene but a Hollywood version! Water scrying is great but try not to get disappointed or discouraged when you don’t SEE right away.


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