What does the future of the chiropractic profession look like?

It seems to me that insurance companies have been cutting out more and more chiropractic services over the years. Chiropractic college tuition these days is right up there (almost) with medical school tuition, but on average DCs do not earn nearly as much as MDs. Will it be possible for DCs to make a decent living in the next 10-20 years? Are there any recent grads (within the last 5 years) that have been doing well financially?

5 thoughts on “What does the future of the chiropractic profession look like?

  1. Future is bright if you stay out of the workers’ comp arena. I work in the industrial safety field and see so much fraud involving chiropractors mistreating injured workers.

  2. I suggest looking at the Occupation Outlook Handbook. It will tell you how the career is expected to grow or decrese over the years.

  3. I would say that in America, there is not such a bright future for Chiropractors. This is probably due to the amount of fraud in the industy in the USA, and the lack of a controlling body to bring these people into line.

    Overseas the prospects are more promising, as Chiropractors are becoming more evidence based and have increasing popularity as a result of this with the insurance companies.

  4. As a chiropractic student, I hear ya. My tuition is high, and it’s easy to get discouraged when you hear all these negative things about chiropractic (insurance cuts, fraud, quackery). But let me tell you, chiropractic has a very bright future.

    Why? Because when the brain and spinal cord are working together at 100% without interference, the body is functioning and healing better. Because the CNS controls EVERY bodily function – which is why chiropractic has been known to help almost every bodily function when subluxation is involved.

    Because the American people are turning away from modern medicine (the “outside in” principle that you need pills or surgery to make you heal) and looking towards alternative healthcare now so more than ever. Because chiropractic works, and as long as the doctor can effectively communicate the chiropractic principle and the true meaning of health, patients will come. Chiro pediatrics is starting to take off. The enrollment at my college (Life U) is starting to take off. And don’t be scared by insurance, b/c I know PLENTY of docs out there who only run cash practices and are doing very well.

    It’s really all about patient education and having the skills to communicate.

    Edit: I didn’t say it was easy, but it’s not impossible. You just have to have a strong conviction and the skills to communicate chiropractic to people, which, like any skill, takes time and practice. If you want to get into chiropractic for the wrong reasons, then it becomes extremely difficult.

  5. I love that answer by the student~ can’t wait till she gets out of school~the fact of the matter is that chiropractors don’t make money like they did 20 years ago~ And i don’t care if you know someone who is doing great i will show you thousands that are not. My class of 60 less than 10 are still practicing i just graduated in 2003. Worst mistake of my life. If i didn’t have the student loans it wouldn’t be so bad. Do not get into this field!!!!!!!!!!

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