18 thoughts on “how come gay people want to be Christian, instead of pagan, which would accept them without judgement?

  1. I’ve always wondered that.
    May be due to family. The family may be thinking, it’s bad enough being gay, but gay AND Pagan? That would be too much for an Abrahamic-faith-family to take.

  2. stop spamming, you already asked this. but here, i will answer it again.

    There are many Christian churches who are accepting of gays. I am a Roman Catholic and my church is very open to gays. The Church of Sweden, which is Lutheran, now performs gay marriages. The Episcopal Church of the USA has a gay bishop, the UMC is moderately open to them, and the Metropolitan Community Church has almost all gay clergy.

    Some athiests judge gays too…

    So please, stop trying to bash christians. thanks.

  3. Few people feel they have power to decide their religious convictions or lack thereof. It’s what you believe. Or don’t, obviously.

  4. Perhaps because deep down they have faith in the abrahamic god and not towards other gods.

    Maybe Christians need to come to grips that their own religion teaches that god is the one who judges and not them.

  5. Because they believe you when you say your religion is accepting of all of God’s children and that above all God forgives you if you believe in him.

    But I mean, if christians don’t really believe that I’ll make sure to let the gay community in my area know.

  6. probably because even though they are involved in acts that they know are wrong… they also know that the only way to God is through The True Church of which Jesus The Christ is The Head.

    as long as they honestly seek to come to God in The Way He prescribes they can be assured of receiving God’s free, and eternal, gift of Salvation….. The pagan path leads to eternal separation from God.

    no willfully, unrepentant mortal will enter Heaven… homosexual, hetro, pagan, or otherwise…. ALL must come as God prescribes…. sadly most homosexuals want a special deal/exception just for them… it don’t work that way…

  7. Because they have encountered the true God through Christ. They might be unsure about what God makes of gay sexual inclinations and behaviour of course. Sex is an addictive and enjoyable thing, so emotionally they will often think its right as is humanly normally the case, even if it’s not God’s ideal according to some Bible passages. But one doesn’t get saved because one starts off righteous does one? Just because there is a tribal bad feeling towards unusual lifestyles present in many places, and so some christians might make them feel bad and even some might be harsh to them, one’s relationship with God is basically with God is it not. We all put up with people who are far from perfect every day, so I guess many would tolerate some less-than-ideal behaviour in others, after all “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”

  8. While I certainly cannot answer for others… for me, Christ’s sacrifice on the cross to deliver the sins of the world is so beautiful. He loves me so much to willingly give up His life on earth. And then He turns around and offers that sacrifice as a free gift to all who believe. Why would I want to believe some false religion where I have to earn my way to salvation through works… Christ has done it all for me.

  9. because the christian religion brainwashes us into thinking that no one on the planet is okay to do anything they don’t want you to do, which incluse being gay, among other things. But I’m gay and proud of it and frankly if someone’s not okay with it they can kiss my ass. =P

  10. Sexual orientation or gender identity have nohting to do with ones faith. Ones beliefs do. While it is true there are many who follow that sad dichotomy of the christian hate ethic and many do not. It is said that Jesus loved everyone. His churches do not. That alone is sin incarnate.
    Many of us are not christian because of the hate agenda but many of us follow what we believe and feel is our correct path in life.
    Who would judge us all?
    Certainly not anyone in a church as they have no right whatsoever. Only God can do that. What they do do is spread fear and hate.
    Blessed Be!

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