How do i find a wiccan coven in my area?

I just recently have been into wicca, and would love to find a mentor or a coven that i could join. Its just the more that i learn and see the more i am just facinated on how it all works. Please if you know anyway then thank you.

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  1. Try Keep in mind though that most groups won’t teach minors.

  2. You know nothing about Wicca.
    Wicca is an Old English word – wicca (male), wicce (female). It also meant; wizard, sorcerer, or magician. The word Wicca came to prominence through Gerald Gardner (retired English civil servant) in his book ‘Witchcraft Today’(1954). He said he had been initiated into a surviving tradition of English witchcraft by members of a New Forest coven in the south of England. Witchcraft has been practiced for thousands of years and majors in the use of magic. This is the attempt to control the behaviour of nature &/or people by use of rituals, spells, hexes, voodoo etc. The effectiveness of this magic is dependent upon the use of demonic power and is condemned by the Bible. Before you get more involved in the occult I suggest you read ‘From Witchcraft to Christ’ by Doreen Irvine (

  3. Swap your bike for a broomstick Then they will contact you If that fails to work Wear a pointed hat

  4. Check out Witchvox, also Yahoo has several groups that are very friendly and informative, just click on groups. You can also e-mail me, maybe I can help answer some of your questions.

  5. Many pagan groups offer public rituals, especially for the 8 Sabbats. This is a good place to meet people. Also if your area has a local Occult Bookstore, or New Age shop, they often offer classes where you can meet people.

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