I believe in what signs say about peoples personality, is that a belief in horoscopes or astrology?

I believe the traits signs say people are are true. I don’t believe in the predictions of your month or anything like that though. Which do I believe in, is it astrology or horoscopes?

6 thoughts on “I believe in what signs say about peoples personality, is that a belief in horoscopes or astrology?

  1. * Horoscope is a daily prediction or interpretation of where the planets up in the sky at any given day. Now, transits, made especially for you based on your chart is the accurate version of that.. What you read online or in the paper are not accurate, so you are correct not to take them seriously. Astrology, as you know, is accurate and belief is valid.

  2. I believe that astrology is a bigoted type of fortune telling. It is also an enemy of reason.

    “What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.” – Christopher Hitchens

  3. I am a long time follower of these subjects.Though my basic field of interest is numerology, but I work with astrology also.From my own experience I must say many times we misunderstand horoscope. We confuse this with daily forecasts that are available on newspapers or in different sites.But horoscope is not exactly so.It is a chart based on astrological formula, that shows the position of different planets and stars at the time of your birth. So horoscope is an integral part of astrology. From your birth chart, the astrologers predict about you and the events related to you.So please don’t get confused between this two.Our bad luck, most of the websites available do not clear this concept to people, who may not know the subject but have some keen interest to know about this.To know more about daily horoscope, you may visit this page of my site

  4. You believe in both :). Horoscopes are those things you read in the papers, your Daily-Zodiac-Forecast, if you well. Astrology is a big branch of all things personality. Astrology contains Horoscopes, Natal Charts, Personality Analasys, etc. But if your saying this in a conversation, however, you should probably say “I’m a believer in Astrology.” not “I’m a believer in Daily Horoscopes”. 🙂

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