What are the best herbs to use in a medicine?

I’m writing a fantasy novel, and I’ve looked at a whole myriad of websites, but I’m trying to go back to like the Middle Ages, that sort of Era. Alchemy, and all that? I need recipes, herbs, and maybe where the herbs’ habitats are…

4 thoughts on “What are the best herbs to use in a medicine?

  1. look into sufism. the sufis are awesome. the poetry from rumi is what got me into it. they represent mystical islam, but more importantly their herbal knowledge is through the roof and I think it would shed light on what to include in your book.

    if you want to know the best herb for medicine, its not an herb its a combination of an amazonian root bark and a vine. its called ayahuasca, and it cures anything from depression to drug addiction to killing parasites to childhood trauma, it opens up a portal into the spirit world(seriously) and there are alien like beings and intelligent spirits that will interact with you and heal you(seriously). although getting to the point in the lucidity of the medicine requires you to face very real manifestations of your inner demons and devils which is pretty uncomfortable and scary…. but worth it

    this is a real “herb” but is illegal in the US

    here’s an article from national geographic(this article is informative but the rabbit hole goes super deep with this one.) its the closest thing on earth to being a real magic potion. there you go.


  2. Some ideas:

    Henbane, hemlock, opium, mandrake, foxglove, belladonna (deadly nightshade).

    Also ordinary ingredients like chamomile, sage, garlic, rosemary, thyme

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