Do you believe in astrology and the signs of the zodiac?

I’m really interesting in the signs of the zodiac and horoscopes and stuff. What’s funny is my sign describes me to a tee and usually my horoscopes are correct. Does anyone else believe that astrology is true and works?Also, how is the compatibility between a pisces woman and scorpio man?

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  1. That the position of the stars and planets on the day and time I was born affects who I am and what happens to me? It’s total BS.

  2. Yeah. I find it quite interesting too and ADDICTING!

    The compatibility between a Pisces woman and Scorpio man is GREAT!
    It should work for both because you both are water signs and get along.
    You also got to look at planets such as Mars, Venus and Moon to know for sure if your compatible. Looking at just the Sun signs itself, is not that necessary or accurate. You got to look at the other signs in both of your charts and judge from there, but your Sun signs are perfect! 🙂

  3. 1. The human ego keeps a lot of people from respecting the science of astrology. However, I’ve never met anyone who has studied it and then said to be or proved it wrong. It’s usually those that know nothing of the stars but the use of a pick up line that say it’s B.S.

    It’s like those that told Columbus, “the earth is not round…”
    It makes perfect (which I use rarely) sense once studied. Anyone against it sounds like they are saying, “do you really believe 1+1=2?”

    We are majority water like the other things cohabiting the earth. Gravity controls us. Gravity is controlled by the the solar system. The solar system has a purpose. Since humans didn’t make it, they don’t want to believe it “makes” us. If you were God, wouldn’t you have this place set on automatic production and maintenance also? Again, those with egos will never let themselves believe that something more intelligent creates and directs us on a completely higher level of technology than the iphone.

    Your sign tells you what level/stage you soul is in. We all travel through the zodiac in different life times.

    2. Without knowing the moons (how you naturally react to things), the Pisces is more evolved and open to experiences just to live them and will see some tension and need to dominate within the Scorpio. They will “get each other” since they are both of water element. They will know when each other is serious. They read each others feelings (water) like the back of their hand. The Scorpio man will love the way the Pisces woman turns him on and gets him straight. She will have a way of letting him know she is his without needing to be dominated. He will make her proud by being a great business thinker and sucker for her romantic side. They are a great team once they decide to accept each others ways.

  4. I don’t believe in daily horoscopes, but I believe in astrology. I take it as it is– it can help you find who you are and your personality.

    Pis & Scorp is great.

  5. Hey.. sorry “enjoying life’ but scorpio’s best match is cancer. hahaha.. I do believe that it is out there.. I think that daily personal horoscopes are very generic, and any one of us could look up any sign and could relate to it. I do believe in the zodiac but I do not plan my life around it. I read my horoscope every day.. some days it is right on the dot, others it is not even close.. But yes, this is a large universe…. I do belive in the zodiac

  6. mm honestly i do think astrology is true
    but i dont believe in horoscopes or telling the futute
    i mean i believe how it talks about our personalities and compatibilities
    its not a fortune teller. it simply just wants to make you understand yourself more.
    btw. scorpio and pisces is great in sun sign compatibility
    but you would have to know his natal chart and compare it with yours
    to truly have a accurate compatibility

  7. Astrology is very true!
    I have been studying for over 10 years and it seems like I can endlessly
    keep learning the subject and will forever be in school for it.

    Let me know if you would like any basic astrology information. I have a few pdf’s i can share on the basics. I would not want to change your mind for you, you should just get information and decide for yourself.

    I would not be able to tell you by sun sign alone if the 2 people were compatible. The Sun Sign is like 10% of the chart. But if that is all I have to go by for now. Yes, by ELEMENT Pisces and Scorpio go together because they are both WATER SIGNS.

    Water, as an element absorbs… energy from people around them, which makes them very sensitive. Pisces I would say is very spiritual, and soft for the most part. Scorpio on the other hand has a stinger and when they are mad they might put a hole through the wall haha!
    that was a scorpio joke 😉
    Ok but for real Scorpio just gets passionate about everything they deal with and like to create crisis to see how capable they are.

    Both being water signs though would make you both emotional.
    and sensitive to each others emotional make up

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