21 thoughts on “I Accidentally Stored My I Ching Next To The Ouija Board?

  1. Make a pot of tea and invite a China Doll over to translate.

    *Bowie comes to my mind*

  2. ask them to speak english please and if they dont throw the board and yell nannu nanu 3 times and spit that should fix it

  3. Well, the important thing is which dialect are they speaking to you in?

    Mandarin, Wu, Cantonese or Min?

    If it’s in either Mandarin or Cantonese they’re probably just reading the menus from the local Chinese restaurant. If they’re speaking to you in either Wu and Min it means you may have some serious karma to work out.

    Did you, by any chance, deflower a Ming Princess in a past life? Or even worse, kick a sacred Foo Dog?

  4. All will be revealed on Chinese New Year on January 26th, I advise patience……

  5. If that is what happened to the Ching then put a little monkey along side of your Ouiga board and see if it asks for more peanuts.

  6. Throw your silverware on the floor and name your new spirit entities after the sounds the silverware makes while banging against the floor.

  7. This is not good. Apparently you’re unfamiliar with the Ouija Wars of the last century. Yin & Yang got their butts kicked and vowed revenge. Putting your I Ching that close to a spook board is like opening Pandora’s Box. She’s a nice gal but you don’t wanna go there. The thing you need to do now is spread boysenberry jam atop the Ouija board (don’t ask). This seems to appease the spirit world’s sweet tooth. Wrap a few rancid herrings in your I Ching coin bundle for good measure (don’t ask). This seems to appease the far eastern faction of the spook world. And, um, be more careful next time, ok?

  8. lol to btbdt…awesome answer. LOL i had to learn chinese in primary school. They didn’t teak to read with head tilted to side

  9. You’re up against a Reverse (aka Chinese) 8 ball. In other words, your “8” is behind the BALL, NOT the other way around. You have finally managed to p*** off the spirits BIG TIME. You need to go out and find a Chinese restaurant IMMEDIATELY; order as much fried rice and Sweet & Sour Pork as you can afford, and offer ’em to the poor in the name of the spirits. GO!


  10. Puff on the old hookah pipe a little more, and it won’t matter to you at all what language they’re speaking in.

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