What is the difference between Tibetan Buddhism and Zen Buddhism?

I’ve been reading a book on the fundamentals of Tibetan Buddhism, and I’ve become a little confused while reading it because it’s a bit differnt from what I’ve previously learned about Buddhism. I don’t know what other schools of Buddhism I’ve learned about…I just remember doing random research. anyhow, what’s the difference between Zen and Tibetan Buddhism? is it a huge difference?

How do you get intouch with your aura?

When you get intouch with your aura, its like getting instincts or intuition. I once followed my heart before but now I feel like I’m thinking more than I use to. Like when I play certain games, I think of ways to complete the game but never do instead of just doing it.

I’m thinking wayyyy too much before I walk. I want to walk before I think.

How do you get instincts and follow what your heart says? I can’t feel anything that my heart says.