Do religions like Christianity have anything to do with spirituality at all?

I mean, in a world where people look to imaginary beings for guidance, it’s any wonder that humanity has lost it’s way. So I wonder… has religion and Christianity got ANYTHING to do with spirituality?

14 thoughts on “Do religions like Christianity have anything to do with spirituality at all?

  1. how does an Atheist think they are spiritual when they don’t believe in God..
    that’s false

  2. No, just spirits.

    Christianity is all about telling you how to act, think, and feel.

    Spirituality is about figuring those things out for yourself.

  3. It has nothing to with spirituality. Christianity is nothing more than a money maker. Take a look at Lifeway Christian Store’s profits if you don’t believe me.

  4. It seems like more of a game of which religion can restrict revolution and gain the most control. Spirituality plays a tiny part.

  5. What do you mean by Spirituality? What do you mean by Christianity?

    If both are conceptualized, then the whole thing is an intellectual debate, because the word is not the thing!

  6. Nope, they don’t even have any moral values. The only thing they have and try to enforce is 2000 year old draconian laws that have no relevance in today’s equality and human rights based societies. They are dinosaurs not realizing their days are numbered for extinction, they will eventually implode under the weight of their own lies, exactly the same as all such religions before them.

    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks

  7. Spirituality and adherence to dogma are distinctly different things. The christians that don’t realize this tend to be very bad at both.

    In all fairness I HAVE met some very spiritual christians, but they seem to be few and far between. I know many more spiritual atheists, agnostics, pagans, Heathens and “other” others than I know spiritual christians. I think it does come down to the confusion so many seem to have about the relationship (or rather the LACK of a relationship) between dogma and spirituality.

  8. A decision to accept Christ is a function of the SPIRIT. Religions; however, are often empty actions to try to find favor through deeds that may or may not be motivated in the spirit.

  9. What IS spirituality? a warm fuzzy feeling? a sense of oneness in the universe? Yeah, christianity can illicit those feelings (a warm bagel can illicit those feelings), so to some people, christianity is a “spiritually fulfiilling” experience.

    Others use it as a mindless ritual, sort of a placeholder for their lives, if they’re active in the church they feel like they’re accomplishing something, that they’re “not a loser like those people who are too lazy to go to church”, and they use it as a way to compete with their neighbors, as a never-ending tournament of oneupmanship. These are the people who make christianity so craptastic. Think about it, if a really competitive person is given some sort of authority or honor at his church and it makes him feel superior, he wants the WHOLE WORLD to believe what his church believes so he can be superior over it too. To this person, being heterosexual (for instance) is not an innate trait of his DNA it’s a HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT that has only been made possible by his superior power of will, and those who don’t have a strong enough will to be as heterosexual as he must be punished for their inferiority.

  10. christianity has the least amount of spirituality involved in it than any religion
    there are a few spiritual religions, christianty, is not one of them
    there can be spiritual individayul christians, but christianty, is about power and control, not spirituaity

    but then, you already know my views on it punky ;-D

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