what would all individual sun signs do about their girlfriend/boyfriend wanting to break up?

Give me your sun/Venus/mars signs What would you do if your girlfriend/boyfriend wanted to break up with you? She is the one you cared about.

8 thoughts on “what would all individual sun signs do about their girlfriend/boyfriend wanting to break up?

  1. take it by HUGE surprise, get really sad, i wld cry, i wuld ask him why a thousand times, then i wld get p***ed off and wana destroy his car…

    pisces sun
    venus aries
    mars gemini

  2. I’d react by acting nonchalant, like I didn’t really care either way. When most likely I’d be hurting pretty bad, but trying to even convince myself that I didn’t care lol.
    Cancer sun/ Leo venus/ Gemini mars
    Personally, I think it’s the leo pride in me that tends to do that. x]

  3. I would be upset and I honestly wouldn’t know what to do with myself for the first week or two and mope around a bit but thank God I got family and friends who wouldn’t let me be like that for long.

  4. i’d probably get really upset, to the point where i am about to cry or i am crying, and i would ask wut was wrong with the relationship and why he wanted to leave and wut i could to make it better. Try to work things out and work for the relationship to stay together especially if i loved the person.

    But if we ended breaking up i’d probably mop around for idk about a week or two *shrugs*, but id be really depressed and p***ed off at times

    but if i get the feeling that the person has a sort of dislike for me near the time of where he was going to end it, i wouldnt really pester him and p*** him off even more. I would still ask wat was wrong and such, and i would still be sad.

    Taurus sun/Taurus venus/leo mars

  5. I would feel very insecure, and probably have a lower self esteem for a while.
    Even if it’s all bottled on the inside..
    I would question why they want to break up with me.
    And then think of the worst reasons possible.

    Cancer sun.
    Gemini venus.
    Virgo mars.

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