Maintain your healthy with China Medicinal Herbs

In modern society, more and more people maintain their healthy with China medicinal herbs. Many China medicinal herbs have become delicious dishes on the dining tables. We know that many normal fruits and vegetables are also China medicinal herbs, such as: peach, cherry, pear, green onion, garlic, chilli, wheat, corn….. China medicinal Herbs/flowers tea become normal and popular tea in tea families. While people believing that China medicinal herbs take the important role at health care, there are many people bring harm to their healthy while they taking China medicinal herbs, just because they don’t take the China meidicinal herbs correctly.This is so-called “bad effects”. However,will you deny that China medicinal herbs can take the important role in health care because of “bad effects”? or you dare not try them? In fact, the majority of Chinese meidcinal herbs are not toxic, the so-called “bad effects” are because of inappropriate use. As long as you understand a few basic properties of China medicinal herbs, you can eliminate of “bad effects”, and achieve the objective of maintaining healthy with China medicinal herbs. Part1 Theory on Herb Properties Diseases are caused by pathogenic factors, which affect the human body, resulting in dysfunction of the internal organs and in hyperactivity or hypo-activity of yin, yang, qi and blood. Herbs are used to eliminate pathogenic factors restore normal function of the internal organs and rectify hyperactivity or hypo

German couple finds good life on herb farm

Andrews U. taking registration for natural remedies workshop
BERRIEN SPRINGS – The Andrews University Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary will hold this year’s Natural Remedies and Hydrotherapy Workshop on July 31 through Aug. 5.

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German couple finds good life on herb farm
GANDEEVILLE, W.Va. — A poster on the dining room wall of Emil and Eva Ristls remote Roane County farm explains why the couple left their native Germany. Translated, it reads, “Germany is familiar, but also a little narrow.” Ab…

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