David Mitchell and Dara O’Briain on Homeopathy & Psychics

Bonus track from “Dara O’Briain Talks Funny – Live in London”. David Mitchell and Dara O’Briain comment on Dara’s Homeopathy bit, discussing why “earned knowledge is better than fairy tales”.

25 thoughts on “David Mitchell and Dara O’Briain on Homeopathy & Psychics

  1. @frostek that may well be true, but some results i have heard reported from the tests (in the area of remote viewing) and others conducted by uni researchers show beyond the realms of probable falsity that psychic activity is real. i know it for sure personally from experience, but as we are dialoguing in objective terms (as i enjoy debate and rational thinking (sometimes)) i refer to research. you can check out the book ‘the field’ by lynne mctaggart if you’re interested and open minded…

  2. @cogybear – It was a worthwhile tactic in the Cold War for the Americans to spend money that they could easily afford to waste on psychic research. This was to encourage the Russians to spend money that they could ill afford to spend, on research that wouldn’t ever produce any results that would help them.

  3. @johnsmithbsc yes and no. then i would have said psychology. ‘psychology’ is a constructed discourse made by academics and professional therapists that generally looks at the human negatively in terms of pathologies. I’m talking about a construct made by YOU based on observations and categorisations of YOUR feelings. Not what some stratified social mind construct says. As William Blake said ‘I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s.’

  4. @cogybear That sounds like ‘consciousness science’ is just another way of saying ‘psychology’, or rather, psychology applied to a population of 1.

  5. @Misishaxi it’s a bit convoluted i admit but i’ll try and decode it for you! empirical science=looking at stuff in labs and finding predictable patterns of behaviour and the nature of physical objects; consciousness (soul) science = looking at the contents of your consciousness AS feelings (as opposed to as physical things like neurons) andfinding predictable patterns of behaviour and the nature of subtle consciousness objects. it’s a hard thing to explain but experience has taught me it works..

  6. @frankwh99 It’s not bullshit… i never implied that science wasn’t important, just that mainstream consiciousness reflects world-sourced reflection -empirical science- too much at the expense of subtle inner reflective and consciousness based inductive reasoning… the science of the soul… especially in the context of quantum realisations.

  7. @cogybear But you wouldn’t get on a plane built on the principles of your “deeper than mainstream science” bullshit.

  8. @cogybear also, you are confusing quantum physics with mysticism. what quantum physical sciences have shown us is that as we study the smallest parts of our universe, order, and intuitive models of reality stop becoming true. That does not mean that current science is wrong. Because current scientific knowledge has stood the test of scrutiny for sometimes centuries.
    Quantum physics is still physics and pertains to the physical world. Read, Hawkins’s ‘The Grand design’

  9. @cogybear Hi, you are confusing the brains pattern finding with ‘Truth’. The mind is able to piece together analogous observations into a mental map of reality that is not accurate. All you have to do is study the history of philosophy to see that pre-science philosophers arrived at false, yet understandable conclusions based on their observations. Science is the only reliable system for arriving at truths, we have ever come up with.

  10. @cogybear (2nd contin. of ‘Scientific method’ 1st cont is ‘The profusion’, 3rd is ‘through external’… sorry for broken text.) natural mystical poetry as a reaction to the enlightenment thinkers and philosophers. Life and intelligence are, in fact, non-rational as well as being rational. A danger (and many folk may at times fall over the invisible line) is to confuse irrationality with non-rationality. Just as another danger is to investigate only…

  11. (cont’d from below) through external lab-based rationality (based on scepticism as well as imagination and inspiration without investigating subjectively and non-rationally (based first on an open-mind and intuition, followed by the bright lazer-focus of analysis)…

  12. @cardthrow18 (cont’d) The profusion of the new-age discourse together with frontier scientific research in the quantum-consciousness field shows this. Check out ‘The Field’ by Lynn McTaggart or the film documentary ‘The Living Matrix’. Remote communication and prescience (elements of ‘psychic’ activity are being realised by scientific researchers. Historical evidence shows how life balances out the truth: consider the romantic poets such as Blake and their natural mystical poetry…

  13. @cardthrow18 Scientific methodology is just one way of discovering life. A great deal of life is subjective, the pen and the conscious speech based mind break when they try to analyse it. Our culture, with science presently as its over-arching value system, i.e. it’s (k)new God, and with its knee jerk reaction against religions since the work of Nietzche and psychoanalysists, is nevertheless coming to realise that life is deeper than mainstream science knows at present.

  14. @cogybear You could make all those millions back, and more, by scientifically proving a psychic ability. What’s more, you’d probably win a nobel prize in physics for discovering a method of transmitting information, even from the future itself, hitherto completely unknown to science. I don’t doubt your sincerity, but the evidence really doesn’t stand up to investigation.

  15. hello intelligence agencies have invested millions in pychic research. How do we know about psychic skills? we get in touch with our feelings and inner silence. Difficult when your senses are distorted by addiction to mind altering substances such as alcohol, Dave and Dara. Yes, even 1 pint can mar your psychic ability to sense others minds and the future.

  16. @Andrew1990M I hope youtube gets rid of the dislike button soon; I can’t bear any more dickheads thinking´╗┐ they’re witty by commenting on how many people clicked the f***ing dislike button.

  17. @dentednj he clearly owns two, because he has lost weight, and the one he’s been wearing about one stone ago would look baggy when this clip was filmed!

  18. @Dragonflamz drinking p*** really isn’t that bad if it’s your own… Thousands of six year old boys do it every week and they don’t get any special prizes…

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