7 thoughts on “I want to know about dowsing. How long does it take to learn? Does it work? How has it helped you?

  1. No, it doesn’t work. So I guess it would take no time to learn. Anyone who tells you that they can dowse (for water, gold, metal, whatever) – ask them why they haven’t won a million dollars for it here http://www.randi.org . They test dowsers all the time – no one can actually do it.

  2. I strongly disagree with eri and Eugene. I have dowsed for water for a well and have located water pipes by dowsing. I didn’t use a forked tree branch but some gas welding rod for steel bent at 90 degrees and inserted through loose-fitting roll pins. the rods are put out at straight forward. When they are over a water source, they cross.

  3. People may disagree with me but dowsing for water does work. Farmers used to do it all the time to find underground springs so they could dig wells. My mother and father’s families both had farms for generations. I don’t honestly know if it is a learned or natural ability, but it works for me. Hickory works best. My grandmother broke off a stick (in a Y shape) and told me to gently hold the two ends with the straight end poking straight out, and go to find the older wells on the farm. I’ve also tested the validity of it by walking towards a stream. When you are directly over water, the stick will pull strongly down like a magnet. There’s no denying the ‘feel’ of it . Try it . Like I said, fresh hickory works best, but I’ve also broken the branch off a live tree(I don’t know what kind) and it worked then, too. Either it will work for you or it won’t.

  4. Dowsing is a form of divination, if you can make a Quija board work you can learn to dowse. But unless you believe in it, it won’t work. You either have it or you don’t. The unbelievers don’t have it that’s why they don’t believe in it and can’t be made to accept it.

  5. It depends upon the person if it works or not.
    take any two sticks or metal rods like iron hangers you must hold lightly in your hands to where it can move on the slightest then note the wind so you can eliminate a false reading due to that just play with it for a while it works we use it in construction all the time to locate water pipes or metal heads under ground.

  6. Dowsing does certainly work and can be used for many things other than finding water. If it did not work why does the british and American military train soldiers in the techniques or why do petroleum companies use dowsers to find oil.
    For those who remember the Thames Water board used dowsers a few years back to find leaks. The British Society of Dowsers run courses on dowsing for those who want to learn. They also have speciality groups who cover health dowsing, archaeology dowsing, earth energy dowsing and of course,water dowsing.The BSD has a very good magazine which covers a range of dowsing topics. Anyone saying it does not work should try it. If it is not working then possibly it is just the way they are holding the rods and with a little bit of tuition they to will be able to dowse. Incidentally there are some people who won’t be able to dowse. Quite often these are scientists or engineers who don’t believe it because there isn’t a scientific reason for how it works. There isn’t an explanation and come to that I don’t think scientists have a reason for how gravity works or for electricity and yet we accept them both. There are too many examples and stories of dowsing being successful to say it doesn’t work because it does. Like many other things, of course,there are going to be times when dowsing does not work and among the reasons could be that the form of question was wrong. An example could be should I wear my red or blue coat today. You can only get a yes or no and yet you have asked for a choice of one of the two. Another example could be is it going to be sunny tomorrow. The answer is always going to be yes and yet it could be raining where you are. The answer is that somewhere in the world there will be sunshine. You should have said is it going to be sunny in xxxxxxxx? Ideally one should learn from another dowser to get the best from dowsing. Get in touch with the BSD for your local dowser or group and have some fun dowsing. The BSD always uses registered dowsing instructors for their courses and like myself also give private tuition and provide dowsing services. Have fun with dowsing and make many interesting and amazing discoveries.

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